Next class dates are:
To be announced soon!

If our dates do not work for you, put a group together 0f 6-8 friends and we can find a dates and times that work for us all.

Some information on our Art Experiences.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in!  Clay, while messy, will not stain clothing.  When we start to glaze our pieces, some of the glazes do have the potential to stain your clothes.  We have smocks available for you to borrow if you would like.

What should I bring?

Our class is also a potluck!  As your hosts, we will be making a large garden salad and will provide water and a variety of hot teas.  Bring a dish to share and anything additional you would like to drink.

What do I need to do before class?

Before class, visit our website and check out the available project blanks and prices!  Then email us and let us know which project you are interested in working on during your class so we can prep it for you.  If you change your mind once you get here, that’s okay!  We will have a selection of extra projects available to choose from.

What can I expect during class?

When everyone arrives, we will run through introductions and then go over techniques for slip trailing and carving.  We should have you familiar with the techniques and working on your piece within the first 15 minutes of class.

What about the dogs?

Our three Australian Shepherds are big and lovable and will be excited to see you!  They may try to run in front of your car, so keep an eye out for them when you drive in.  If they try to jump up to greet you, tell them “Off!!” and only pet them if they are sitting or lying down politely.  Once the excitement of your arrival wears off, they should settle down and relax for the remainder of the class.

That’s all for now!  We’re excited to have you join us!