Walker brings fresh perspectives and a youthful presence to the Bonny Doon Design workshop. He thrives off of working with his hands in and out of the studio. Having completed the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Trail over the last three years, Walker is planning on spending the next couple working in the studio and teaching classes. His next big hike is a couple years out. 


Always out in the shop working hard. His favorite piece of advice to hand out, “You’re burning daylight!” As such he’ll be up with the sundoing this or that. Steve brings 31 years of clay experience to Bonny Doon Design. 

CC, Biggy, LP

A wonderful companion and shop dog. CC often comes and visits us in the workshop before making rounds around theproperty. CC gave us puppies two years ago and changed our lives! Introducing Biggy and LP.


Our workshop is in Bonny Doon California where the ocean, forest, and mountains roll into one another creating the perfect backdrop for our workshop. The location of our shop is very conducive to our creative process as we pull much of our inspiration from the surrounding landscape. No detail in the forest to small, no vista too big, if it is there we put it in our cache of inspiration.

A Family Affair 

An article by Christa Martin in the Santa Cruz Sentinel weekly guide. 

Father-and-son stories are always inspiring — especially when it comes to sharing a beloved craft or art with one’s child. Such is the case with Steve and Walker Hum of Bonny Doon. The pair creates and sells hand-crafted porcelain lanterns through their business and studio, Bonny Doon Design. With a spacious outdoor landscape, “the lanterns grew out of a need to light our many garden areas,” says the 61-year-old Steve. “The lanterns are cast of porcelain in plaster molds and then changed and modified by hand,” says Walker. “The porcelain forms that come out of the molds are like a blank canvas that we then spend hours working on, carving and slip trailing. We also use a fairly involved glazing process with three to six layers of brush-applied glaze. Time-consuming but the results are well worth the effort.” What emerges are waterproof and highly efficient lanterns which contain five to 10 warm light LEDs that are soldered together. “What I love most about this work is that I am able to be out in the studio everyday working with my hands and with my Dad to create lanterns for the home and garden. The absolutely best part of working with my dad is the understanding, companionship, love, and how he pushes me to be the best that I can be.”